Summer School on “Food & the City”, Amsterdam 2016

Summer School "The Urban Food Experience"

Summer School “The Urban Food Experience”

UvA Summer School: “The Urban Food Experience”
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Food and cities are intrinsically connected. Yet it is precisely in cities that we are less and less aware of this, as the production and processing of most of our food now takes place far away from where we live, out of sight and mind. The consequences of this global food system, however, become increasingly visible to us as city dwellers, especially in the Global South and especially inthe poorer parts of our cities.

In order to unravel the complex relationship between food and cities, the University of Amsterdam hosts a three-week Summer School that takes an interdisciplinary approach, providing a variety of perspectives that each shed light on a different, but related, element of the urban-food dynamics.

The course is structured along two lines. The first is a spatial-temporal axis, in which the relationship between cities and food is studied from a global and historical perspective in the first week, and zooms in to the scale of the person and the body in the final week. The second is thematic: each meeting discusses food and the city from a different thematic starting point, such as entrepreneurship, or policy, whereby each successive week cuts across more and more ‘scales’ as we zero in on our present position on the spatial-temporal axis.

As the course takes place in Amsterdam, we use the city both as a case to investigate, and as a laboratory to experiment in; part of this course consists in conducting ethnographic research, where students are stimulated to present their results in innovative ways. Amongst other things, we will explore in this course how we can use the performance of eating a meal to explore the meaning of food and foodways in the city.


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